Stephen Davis April 2011

I am not very organized…but, I enjoy playing Let’s Golf 2. Oh, and I love weather apps!

Unicorns are awesome…this is Golden Spirit…I’ll be posting more about this majestic creature in the future…for now, check out the Limby’s from Grecocollaborative

I love Instapaper and Instagram… Again, why do I need five weather apps here in Southern California?

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Cory Plough April 2011

April is a difficult month at our hybrid school. Students tend to turn in a lot of work at the end of the 3rd Quarter in March, and then stop working for a little while.  April lends itself to daydreams of spring break vacation.  I’m lucky enough to get to go to Cabo this month, my first trip to Mexico beyond and of the border towns.

The phrase “all inclusive” keeps ringing in my ears.

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Dr. Timony April 2011

Being an admitted technophile, I must always be working with the latest and greatest. You will notice on my desk an HD monitor that shows 16 vivid colors from my Vic 20 in glorious high definition at full 1080p.

You may be able to tell that cyan is my favorite color.

My twin 5.25″ drives are both DD and, with the help of a disk notcher, allow for over 1mb of data storage.

With this much power at my disposal (alright you caught me) I need a little help from Mr. Stacker@ Energy Shot in the orange bottle. Not in this pic: Rear-panel 8k expansion RAM and 2 track cassette drive plugged into the Vic. A careful eye may also notice a Rolling Ruler on to the left of the picture.

10 Print “Eat your heart out, suckahs”
20 Goto 10
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Shawn Ram April 2011

Sorry I have been out of the posting world for a few months things have been really hectic both with changes in the classroom as well there was Spring Break.

However from this there have been some great developments. Upon returning from Spring Break, my family and I adopted a new puppy, which is great and has filled a void that had been present since the unfortunate event of having to put our last dog down last year due to age and health reasons. Currently it is her picture playing in the back yard that is the background for my Ipad. She is adorable at 3 months.

In regards to my computer background, personally I have a strong interest in mythology and ancient elements such as the druids, celts and vikings. This is apparent from my computer background which I believe contains the warriors prayer.

Finally there is my blackberry, which has a fantasy picture relating to journey of life in the spiritual realm. I hope that this gives all of you a little insight as to my personality as I am confident in saying that we only personalize these elements with things that hold some meaning to ourselves.

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Roberto Greco April 2011

A Teacher's Desk Photo :: April 2011

I’m taking Stephen up on his challenge to share my OS desktop for this month’s desk. As I sit here in the public library, I realize that the current state of my desktop says so much about how I work, what I have been up to, and who I am. Besides, I had fun the last time I did something similar. Let’s take a look, shall we?

First of all, you see that I run OS X. I’ve had Apple computers since my father brought home an Apple IIe for my sisters and brother and me back in the eighties. I’ve never purchased anything other than Apple computers, although I’ve only purchased three: a Performa 5200, an iMac G4 (swivel arm), and aMacBook Pro (Intel). Over the years, I’ve used Windows computers at work, but for the past three years, I’ve had a school-issued MacBook. Despite this history, I have never been closer to jumping off the Apple ship. I’ve been very frustrated lately with the performance of each and every browser I’ve tried in OS X. That’s a big deal because I spend more than half of my computer time in a browser. I’ve also become frustrated with the quality of the casing and cables of the Apple hardware I use — lots of cracking and fraying. Don’t even get me started on the closing systems of Apple software and the contortions that I’ve found myself going through to manage authorizations in iTunes. We’ll see what happens.

Moving on, you’ve certainly noticed the image on the desktop. There are many levels of meaning in that seemingly simple image. I found this elegant seal (with text that I have long admired, though always sans the “ou la mort”) while researching the term Jacobin after listening to an Ivan Illich lecture thatThomas Steele-Maley pointed out. Right there, we’ve covered several topics I’m passionate about: social networking, Wikipedia, learning, education, deschooling, unschooling, anarchism, freedom, equality, history, graphic design, etc. (Don’t believe me? Check out my bookmarks tagged with any of those words. Your choice: Pinboard or Delicious.)

The way that I created the image might also be of interest. Since the original file was square and had a white background, it didn’t work for my desktop needs. Here’s the process I used to make it better: Open the original in Preview. Select all. Copy. Open a completely white image in Preview. Resize it to the same dimensions as the laptop. Paste the copied logo on top. Take out my iPod. Use the camera to photograph the screen with the new image on it (to get some more interesting lighting and give it some slight perspective. Open that image in PS Express on the iPod. Change the tint to give the image a soothing-blue color similar to my preciously solid-color desktop. Save. Email the image to my self. Download the image onto my laptop. Open the image in Preview. Crop to the same dimensions as my desktop. Save. Set the new image to be the desktop. How’s that for a kludgy process using only the tools at hand?

And what about those documents and folders? Well, it’s sparse. I try to limit the clutter in order to help me focus. I’ve been accused of being a minimalist, but I’m not sure that’s true. I use my desktop primarily as the deposit for downloaded files and for reminding me of a few important items that I want to get back to or share. (There’s another folder that I have with working documents, especially writing — that folder is what appears when I open (⌘N) a new window in the finder.) So, the three folders you see are where I dump new files from my favorite music blog before opening them in iTunes, articles that I want to read, and images that I have altered or might alter and/or post somewhere. That leaves a few stray items: (a) an Elluminate session that my seventh and eighth graders and me shared with Thomas and his university students this morning; (b) two documents (the ones with my name) that were applications for jobs and or programs and that contain some writing of mine that I wanted to share with students; (c) two articles about the Situationists and Unitary Urbanism* (You can find them under “Optional Texts” here.); and (d) the screen shot that is posted above.

Finally, and of minimal interest, you’ll see two non-standard icons along the top: Dropbox (cloud-based computing, baby!) and Flash Frozen (trying to address those browser performance issues).


*Interested in how those might apply to schools? Start with Streetwork: Exploding School and The Child in the City, both by British anarchist Colin Ward (more).

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Meenoo Rami April 2011

Must have desktop organized, here is what it looks like today. – Meenoo

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Vicky Sedwick April 2011

I thought I’d share the desktops of both of the computers I showed in my March pictures.

The desktop one features the background that is on all of the computers in the lab. This changes every year based on the theme of the year. This year the theme is St. Martin’s Techno Stars. I am thinking about having one of my middle school classes design this next year.
My laptop has a picture that I took and the image changes whenever I get the whim.
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Sean Williams April 2011

I like the iOS homescreen idea but went with the school desktop.

The pattern is

And my shortcuts are pretty minimal-

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Open Office
  • Dropbox

Keep it simple right?



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William Chamberlain April 2011

Here is my desktop on my school computer. It isn’t always this cleared off, but I try to keep the number of icons down.  Notice on the bottom task bar I have 2 Firefox browsers open. One is for my Ustream channel showing my classroom, the other has my email, blog, and whatever pages I have open on it. I usually keep Windows Task Manager up because I like to see what is going on “under the hood”. Next is Netop Vision which allows me to monitor and remotely access my lab computers and finally I have TweetDeck open which I like to browse when I have a few minutes.

You may also notice I have the quicklaunch toolbar running, I love being able to easily access an internet browser without having to close or minimize what is on my screen.


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Vicky Sedwick March 2011

I actually have two desks and I rarely sit at either of them unless it’s before the students come in to the lab. One is a standard teacher’s desk and is often just covered with random “stuff” but had been cleaned up for Open House. The picture shows my personal laptop which I typically bring to school since the computers in the lab are really old. I’ll use my laptop for Skype session sometimes or let the students use it if I need an additional recording station if they’re making podcasts.

The other desk is a computer desk with the “teacher’s computer”. I use this computer to store files that I need to copy around to all of the student computers and to store completed work that I need to back up. Students will use this computer at times too for recording since most of the student computers do not have Audacity installed and even if they did wouldn’t have the disk space to do much recording.

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