Adrienne Michetti September 2010

I wish I could say this is “my” desk. Rather, it’s a desk I use. I make it mine temporarily. This particular desk is on the 8th floor of the NYU Bobst library, one of my favorite floors of the library because of the view of the Empire State Building and Washington Square Park (sadly, neither are captured in this photo). I also work at my desk at home sometimes, but it’s not nearly as scenic! Perhaps a future photo will be of that desk. On the day I took this photo, I was compiling some of the “key” questions of my M.A. thesis proposal. On my Macbook Pro is Scrivener, the new software program I’ve discovered for writing big projects (and I love it). The papers on my desk are some hard copy brainstormed notes — mind maps, really — related to different thesis “rabbit holes” I could go down. There are also hard copy handouts from my thesis advisor related to due dates and lines of inquiry. Also visible: my new wonderful Magic Trackpad; necessary Starbucks travel mug (which now stays in my library locker); tupperware container for snacks; and keys with ID card.

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