Edna Sackson September 2010

My desk looks a bit neater than usual in this photo, since it’s the end of term and I’ve tidied up!
Items of note: I have a separate USB keyboard with Hebrew letters as my laptop doesn’t have Hebrew keys. I always have a bottle of water with me, even when I teach, and encourage my students to do likewise. I bought my own flip camera as we only have a few at school and I like mine to be always with me. I often film the kids working in groups, so that I have evidence of process as well as product. We use them for filming role plays in Hebrew too. The movie ‘The Word Maker’ (in 4 languages with sub titles) tells the story of Ben Yehudah, who developed the modern Hebrew language, which we had been watching in class. You can also see a pile of laminated cards, which are prints of paintings, as I think art is invaluable in teaching across all disciplines! Wow! My desk reveals quite a lot about me… but that was your intention 🙂

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