Ron King September 2010

Can you see my beautiful new desk?  I was pleasantly surprised to start the school year off with a new two-part desk!  Of course after just a week of school you can already see the papers piling up.  I don’t do well when it comes to managing paper.  I hate that my family pictures are being crowded by my paper mess.  I do, however, manage to integrate enough randomness to keep my students interested (did you notice the powerpoint?).  Anyway, I hope to soon have a recycling/filing party…maybe I can keep my desk clutter-free longer this time!

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2 Responses to Ron King September 2010

  1. Yoon says:

    I see your name “King” written in Korean on the left! Did your students print that out for you?

  2. Ron says:

    Yes…It was given made for me by the same student that drew my first (portable) classroom. Now it is a conversation starter with my Korean students each year.

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