Sean Williams October 2010

This month the desk is looking a little better. I didn’t realize I was keeping the hand sanitizer in such a prominent place! The pink donut box is not usually there but we have started have Friday morning coffee with the fourth grade team and fifth grade team this year. So far it’s been pretty great, a chance to hang out and NOT talk about data, or goals, but just have coffee together and be people (not necessarily teachers).

Yes, that is a lava lamp by the way. Just not turned on yet.

The pumpkin is real and home grown, Frankenstein is not real but a gift for a parent last year and it is amazing how excited the kids get for one tiny piece of candy corn!
I also see I have a message – if you know how to check it and turn off that light I’d appreciate it. The phone doesn’t accept my password any more.

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3 Responses to Sean Williams October 2010

  1. What kind of donuts? Maple bar? Any left over?

  2. The kids fought over the leftovers all day. Next time you get everything!

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