Stephen Davis October 2010

From left to right…

I have to log in 8 separate times to get onto the internet at work…annoying.

“I do not think it means what you think it means…”

Now that is a hand sanitizer bottle…Come on Sean, step it up!

The fan is because I get really hot (for some reason only in the morning), and our air conditioner/heater likes to mess with me and make the room 85 degrees at least once a month.

What would Dwight Schrute do?  He keeps me in check….

Random papers and junk…empty post it dispenser.  Maybe Edna could help me out….

District benchmarks….

Post it notes on the document projector with various bell schedules….

Student ToonDoons…

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1 Response to Stephen Davis October 2010

  1. Okay, point taken BUT I have a bottle like that too, for the kids. The bottle on my desk is ONLY for me, I don’t take any chances. I like the WWDD poster 🙂

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