Adrienne Michetti October 2010

This month’s desk photo was taken on a LATE Saturday night, again at the library.

However, you can see that my position has changed. This time, I’m at a table facing north (see the Empire State Building lit up in the background?). On this particular night actually I was refining all my professional documents and spaces in preparation for the upcoming teacher recruitment season for international schools. My thesis project took a short break this week while I assembled this, but I was still thinking in thesis mode — you can’t tell here, but beneath some of those papers are books I recently found about social capital’s impact on technology and learning. The papers themselves contain my handwritten brainstorming notes about my educational philosophy (which I recently rewrote completely). Also, instead of coffee I’m drinking green tea, and my work snack is chocolate truffles! This photo was taken at the end of the evening, so I’ll admit that what’s on my computer screen is… Facebook. :

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