David Timony Ph.D. October 2010

Utilitarian space. Beckett would be proud. The place manages to be sparse and cluttered at the same time. There is little in this space that changes beyond the old man in the chair. The ever-present items: coffee cup, hootsuite, googletalk, pictures of my wife and our daughter, and my schedule at eye-level so I don’t forget what I am teaching next. I do not consider myself a Dilbert fan but have a strip on the bulletin board in which ‘Wally’ explains that he deals with the “soul crushing futility of this job” with the realization that “sadness is just another word for not enough coffee.” My mini-whiteboard changes now and again but regularly, as it does today, displays a motivational phrase or quote.

FYI: the papers on the board are notes for panel discussion, lesson plans, master schedule (pink), and an article about the cholera epidemic outside of Philly in the 19th century. On the desk: Emergence-C, a stapler that appeared there sometime during the summer (I haven’t moved it and haven’t used it), my sub plans just in case, and random research papers that I’m plowing through right now.

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