Jerry Blumengarten November 2010


When I am called upon to fill in as a moderator on #edchat, usually at the last minute, I quickly scramble and use all of the computers I have in my home.  I “borrow” my wife’s iPad and laptop.  I use them along with my desktop and mini computers.  Since I like to contribute appropriate information from my website I try to have the information on deck to embed in the conversation when appropriate.  When I am on the road I use my wife’s iPad or iPhone and my Blackberry.

I also enjoy listening to one of the music channels on my television as I chat.

I have the greatest appreciation for all the moderators on #edchat because the pace is fast and furious. I enjoy being a substitute moderator on #edchat. I also have used several of my computers when I have guest moderated on #ntchat and #elemchat as well as when I participate in the other wonderful chats on Twitter.

My Educational Chats page:

I also give presentations to classes on how I wrote educational materials for the utility industry. I use my traditional desktop computer and the mini computer as a backup. Both have webcams.  I use Skype along with Mixbook to give my talk.

My Skype page:


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