Dr. Timony January 2011

It has been a pretty relaxing month with the snow days, salting,
shoveling, doctor visits, traction, medication, and occasional trips
to the emergency room. On a Saturday night at home I like to sit at
the desk in the living room and Photoshop the heads of people I know
onto the bodies of animals and notorious people in embarrassing

You will see on the desk a pair of orchestra tickets from a concert in
October, some receipts left over from Christmas, and a bag of French
Fried Gummy Fingers that were a gift from my sister on Hallowe’en.
That Belkin armband is useless and came with a used Touch that I
purchased on Craigslist. Holding up the speaker to the right of the
monitor is the Harnoncourt Complete Beethoven Symphonies set (best
release since 60’s era Karajan) and the Kempff Complete Beethoven
Sonatas (there is none better). You may say–that’s a lot of
Beethoven. You may then notice that they still have the wrappers on
them because I haven’t had the time to listen. That may also explain
all the clutter. All the way over to the right, just beyond the power
strip you will see my stash of Everlasting Gobstopppers. That and more
here at the Timony house.

On the desk in front of the keyboard is a note to myself about the
half-life of educational content. Hebb states that the half-life of
psychology is five years and it got me t’thinking. There are also some
pens and a mechanical pencil. I still use them yes. Admittedly, my
external memory is a 9X12 hardcover notebook that comes everywhere
with me and contains everything important that I am doing at the time.
I save them and they date back to the early 90s. Someday, my estate
will publish them and you will all know what I was thinking. Now you
have something to look forward to after #Timonycamp. Soak it in.

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