Dr. Timony March 2011

Ah, new desks for new jobs. Having recently moved into a new position I was glad to go from a relatively small veal fattening pen to a free-range setting. You may notice some similar items that survived the trip from one room to the next.

On the desktop of the pc, you will notice nothing. I have not yet set a pic of my lovely daughter as my desktop background. On the physical desktop you will see, from left to right:
  • a ceramic…uh…bowl(?) that a student made for me a few years ago.
  • a small clock that hasn’t worked in 5 or more years.
  • a block of wood with pictures on it and the caption “it’s your sound”
  • some photos without frames and some large super balls
  • a photo of my wife and me a few months before our engagement
  • uhhhhh, yeahhhhh a stapler
  • post-its and index cards
  • my bag and coat
  • that coffee cup (there is no coffee machine in my building)
In the distance, you see a table filled with standardized testing materials.

Lots to do to make this place human. Starting with the coffee.


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