Vicky Sedwick March 2011

I actually have two desks and I rarely sit at either of them unless it’s before the students come in to the lab. One is a standard teacher’s desk and is often just covered with random “stuff” but had been cleaned up for Open House. The picture shows my personal laptop which I typically bring to school since the computers in the lab are really old. I’ll use my laptop for Skype session sometimes or let the students use it if I need an additional recording station if they’re making podcasts.

The other desk is a computer desk with the “teacher’s computer”. I use this computer to store files that I need to copy around to all of the student computers and to store completed work that I need to back up. Students will use this computer at times too for recording since most of the student computers do not have Audacity installed and even if they did wouldn’t have the disk space to do much recording.

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