Shawn Ram April 2011

Sorry I have been out of the posting world for a few months things have been really hectic both with changes in the classroom as well there was Spring Break.

However from this there have been some great developments. Upon returning from Spring Break, my family and I adopted a new puppy, which is great and has filled a void that had been present since the unfortunate event of having to put our last dog down last year due to age and health reasons. Currently it is her picture playing in the back yard that is the background for my Ipad. She is adorable at 3 months.

In regards to my computer background, personally I have a strong interest in mythology and ancient elements such as the druids, celts and vikings. This is apparent from my computer background which I believe contains the warriors prayer.

Finally there is my blackberry, which has a fantasy picture relating to journey of life in the spiritual realm. I hope that this gives all of you a little insight as to my personality as I am confident in saying that we only personalize these elements with things that hold some meaning to ourselves.

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