Dr. Timony April 2011

Being an admitted technophile, I must always be working with the latest and greatest. You will notice on my desk an HD monitor that shows 16 vivid colors from my Vic 20 in glorious high definition at full 1080p.

You may be able to tell that cyan is my favorite color.

My twin 5.25″ drives are both DD and, with the help of a disk notcher, allow for over 1mb of data storage.

With this much power at my disposal (alright you caught me) I need a little help from Mr. Stacker@ Energy Shot in the orange bottle. Not in this pic: Rear-panel 8k expansion RAM and 2 track cassette drive plugged into the Vic. A careful eye may also notice a Rolling Ruler on to the left of the picture.

10 Print “Eat your heart out, suckahs”
20 Goto 10
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