It is amazing that I have never really “looked” at my desk and how it is set up (other than it is always messy) and thought about why it is set up the way it is.  As a principal, I do my best to communicate with our school community along with connect to others through  in my own Personal Learning Network.  At my desk, you will see that I have my desktop, web cam, headphones, BlackBerry, Ipod mini (yes I have one of those), landline, and usually my iPhone (it took the picture).  I have to ensure that I can communicate with as many people as possible.  With that being said though, with our school parents, it is ALWAYS better to communicate through phone or personal conversation.  I want to ensure that they understand my enthusiasm for empowering and helping their children, and that cannot come as deeply through an email.

I also have so many “codes” and deadlines that are above my desk to ensure that I keep up with the “management” aspect of being a principal.  The management side is my least favourite, but obviously has to be done.  What I do to inspire myself is “pepper” notes, drawings. and cards from students, parents, and staff to constantly remind myself WHY I do what I do. I have the best job in the world!

Although my desk is usually pretty messy, I would rather spend my time visiting our kids than cleaning it up!

Couros September 2010

Couros December 2010

1 Response to Couros

  1. wow. i thought that i have the messiest table. it looks like yours is way better in that part. *kidding*

    well, teachers’ desks portray their real lives.

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