Sean Williams April 2011

I like the iOS homescreen idea but went with the school desktop.

The pattern is

And my shortcuts are pretty minimal-

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Open Office
  • Dropbox

Keep it simple right?



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William Chamberlain April 2011

Here is my desktop on my school computer. It isn’t always this cleared off, but I try to keep the number of icons down.  Notice on the bottom task bar I have 2 Firefox browsers open. One is for my Ustream channel showing my classroom, the other has my email, blog, and whatever pages I have open on it. I usually keep Windows Task Manager up because I like to see what is going on “under the hood”. Next is Netop Vision which allows me to monitor and remotely access my lab computers and finally I have TweetDeck open which I like to browse when I have a few minutes.

You may also notice I have the quicklaunch toolbar running, I love being able to easily access an internet browser without having to close or minimize what is on my screen.


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Vicky Sedwick March 2011

I actually have two desks and I rarely sit at either of them unless it’s before the students come in to the lab. One is a standard teacher’s desk and is often just covered with random “stuff” but had been cleaned up for Open House. The picture shows my personal laptop which I typically bring to school since the computers in the lab are really old. I’ll use my laptop for Skype session sometimes or let the students use it if I need an additional recording station if they’re making podcasts.

The other desk is a computer desk with the “teacher’s computer”. I use this computer to store files that I need to copy around to all of the student computers and to store completed work that I need to back up. Students will use this computer at times too for recording since most of the student computers do not have Audacity installed and even if they did wouldn’t have the disk space to do much recording.

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Roberto Greco March 2011

A Teacher's Desk Photo :: March 2011

Aside from my bed, the one place that I find myself most regularly and extensively these days is at the side of the pool where my kids swim for two hours each evening. I work there, just like I work at the rest of my “desks“. It’s an OK place to catch up on some reading (books, papers, Instapaper) and while the setting is not ideal, I find that, at times, I can be very productive, even when writing. That’s probably, and in no small part, due to the fact that there is no wireless connection to tempt me with the many distractions that await online.

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Sean Williams March 2011

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Justin Stortz March 2011

This is spring break desk at my house.  It’s the family computer space, but it’s mostly my stuff.  The little ones’ crayon basket is there in front.  Behind it are some books I’m reading or looking through, including a book on overcoming procrastination that I haven’t read yet.  I also have season five of The Simpsons on DVD there.  The 2007 iMac is rocking a classic NES controller wallpaper.

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Cory Plough March 2011

March is all about testing for HS proficiencies at my school. We close down classes for one entire week and during that time kids come just to take the tests while teachers spend most of the day at their desk/computer.  So, I had a list of 100 kids to call this week, 1/4 of my course load.

That was this week, next week is St. Patty’s Day (my favorite day of the year, cuz its my birthday. 🙂
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