George Couros November 2010

As an education leader, I must have vision for where we want to go.  I must have vision for what our school should look like today, and building for tomorrow.  Creative solutions do not always come easy, but it is when I have times to focus and think in the quiet of the building, I have the opportunity to collect my thoughts.

I remember that our schools and our future are only limited to our dreams.

How big do you dream?

How far can we go to build the school we envision for our students, but more importantly, that they envision for themselves?

Lack of resources can be overcome by our ideas that we create together.

The only limit is our mind, and I have the visual above my desk to remind me of that.

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1 Response to George Couros November 2010

  1. At the risk of sounding like a wet blanket, your assertion that “the only limit is our mind” puts a whole lot of blame where it might not belong.

    The mind is rarely the limiting factor for those of us practicing in the classroom, and even if it were, it certainly is not the only limit. Saying so is just silly.

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